action painting

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húsavík iceland

We are six, 13 years old girls from Borgarhólsskóli. We got the oppurtunity to participate in the artsave project. We are making a work that is about a tsunami. The tsunami to us represents chaos, crisis and uprising and is a symbol for what is happening in the world right now. We decided to put waves that are swirling and the text “we‘re all in this together.” We thought this text to be earnest and full of feeling so we decided to use it. It reflects how we feel about the current situation and what we should do to get through difficult times. We did not only want to paint a tsunami but the action of painting to be a tsunami. So we used the method called action painting, like the artist Jackson Pollock. We connected the tsunami and the text so that the whole world has to stick together ! Photos by Agnes Lebeaupin