All Over The Shop

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All Over The Shop

bath england

All Over The Shop is a collection of creative responses to the traditional hardware store, developed by the final year students of Bath Spa University’s BA (Hons) BA Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object. IMO is an interdisciplinary course that offers an opportunity to explore ideas through craft practice with a focus on the process of design thinking.

To us the Hardware store is an Aladdin’s cave of curious products, densely displayed with the brash and beautiful side by side. It is a place that inspires our hands-on, DIY mentality. We selected three items each to work from which informed our experiments, mistakes, speculations and prototypes. Together our work forms a collection of new tools, materials and objects.

Our exhibition brings all of our work together in a new context by celebrating collaborative collections which display harmonious visual connections, and showcases our passion for making.

Friday, February 7, 2014
Green Park Station, Green Park Road
BA1 1JB Bath